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Catered Cuisine That Becomes the New Standard

Take a bite out of any one of our delicious fettuccini dishes, zesty Cajun cuisine, or flavorsome traditional Southern foods, and be pleased with everything about them. JACQUIE'S CATERING in Alexandria, Louisiana, brings your families and businesses cuisine that comes with a little flair. We start out with our traditional Southern down-home cooking and add our unique spices and seasoning to your meals to give them a bit of a Cajun influence. Our team handles everything from corporate catering to private party catering, and develops a menu that satisfies exactly what you want for your event.

Popular Menu Items

Fettuccini dishes are a popular choice on our menu and can be made three different ways. This dish can come with sizzling shrimp, fresh crawfish, or tantalizing chicken. Each meal is seasoned the way that you and your guests prefer. Traditionally we make it spicy, but will customize it so that it is appropriate for your party.

Char-Roasted Meats

JACQUIE'S CATERING is known for char-roasting all of its meats and cooking them in a pit. We have roast beef, pork, and chicken and slow cook them all that way in our pit. Our team smokes these meats using wood from a pecan tree to add unique tastes and aromas.


Specialized Menus

We have three different special menus: a banquet menu, a party food menu, and a breakfast/brunch menu. All of them come with many choices, which ensures you'll find something for everyone.

Please note that we can prepare your meals without our Cajun influence if it's not your thing. We will also deliver orders to the location of your choice.

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Party Food Menu 2 Brunch & Breakfast Menu Banquet Menu